Prof. Moridi’s paper titled :Deformation and failure mechanisms of Ti–6Al–4V as built by selective laser melting, was recently published on Materials Science and Engineering: A. Congratulations !

Moridi Group congratulates Temesgen Worku for winning Cornell University College of Engineering, Engineering Learning Initiatives Research Grant for undergraduate research.

Prof. Moridi visited Air Force Research Lab and gave a seminar on bottom up manufacturing across length scales, Thank you AFRL for being a great host.

Prof. Moridi along with several other Cornell faculties visited GE global research and presented the group capabilities on in situ characterization and monitoring of additive manufacturing.

Moridi Group welcomes new members to the group: Jennifer Bustillos, Akane Wakai and Toby Tian (PhD students), Kenny Shaughnessy, Shonak Bhattacharya and Ruidong Wang (Master students), Temesgen Worku and Vignesh Gnanasekaran (Bachelor’s students), Qi An, Sohail Mohammed, Akula Sai Pratyush and Kaushalendra Singh (Visiting researchers).

Professor Moridi started teaching a new course on Additive Manufacturing, Fall 2020.

Professor Moridi became Graduate Field Faculty for Materials Science and Engineering. Congratulations!

Our paper on Additive Manufacturing, “State of the Art in Directed Energy Deposition: From Additive Manufacturing to Materials Design”, was published in Coatings (2019).

Adrita presented a poster titled : ‘Metal powder characterization and analyses to improve Additive Manufacturing processes’, for the International Fine Particle Research Institute Annual Conference, Burlington, Vermont, in June,2019.

Professor Moridi was awarded the Affinito-Stewart Grant of the President’s Council of Cornell Women. Congratulations!

Professor Moridi was an invited panelist for Expanding Your Horizons, Cornell.

Jinyeon Kim, Postdoctoral Research Associate, joined Moridi Group (Spring 2019). Welcome Jinyeon!

Adrita Dass, MS Student in Materials Science and Engineering, joined Moridi Group (Fall 2018). Welcome Adrita!