Recent Publications :

Deformation and failure mechanisms of Ti–6Al–4V as built by selective laser melting

Atieh Moridi, Ali Gokhan Demir, Leonardo Caprio, A. John Hart, Barbara Previtali, Bianca M. Colosimo

Materials Science and Engineering: A, Vol. 768,19 December 2019, 138456,

State of the Art in Directed Energy Deposition: From Additive Manufacturing to Materials Design

Adrita Dass, Atieh Moridi

Coatings 20199(7), 418;

Manuscript submitted/in preparation:

  • A. Moridi, E. J. Stewart, H. Assadi, F. Gärtner, T. Klassen, M. Dao, Low-temperature additive manufacturing of cellular metals by supersonic powder deposition.
  • A. Moridi, A.J. Hart, C. Tasan, Tracking and resetting wear-induced microstructure evolution
  • A. Moridi, C. Tasan, A.J. Hart, Enhanced fracture toughness of carbon nanotube Alumina nanocomposites: an in- situ study

Other publications :

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